Overcoming Sunday Blues

Overcoming Sunday Blues

After 18:00 on a Sunday, most people go through real lows in the fear of Monday. We have some tips to get over Sunday Blues.

1. Plan


We always fear the unknown – don’t know what the horrible day that is Monday can bring. 

Turn the tables and be in control. 

Make a list of 2 things you will do tomorrow. 

Write about all the great things you did at the weekend and be thankful!

Plan the next weekend by writing a few things about what you want to do.


2. Starjump

Shake it off!

Yes sounds silly – TRY IT! You will feel instantly better and will have a rush of happiness. 

Get the family together and do 5 star jumps


3. Pick a movie to watch

Make it a habit of watching a movie every Sunday.

This gives you something to look forward to. 

If you’re anything like me, it takes me longer to pick a movie than to watch one!



Put an alarm on your phone and called it SWITCH OFF! 

Some people can go to extremes of switching their phones off. If you have the courage – good luck!

From now onwards you are not permitted to think about what you will do tomorrow!


5. Make a cuppa and Indulge

We recommend a cup of Masala Chai. It contains light spices which will heal you mind! Even better, you could skip making the tea by eating a piece of our Hazelnut & Cardamom Chocolate.

Our Cardamom Milk Chocolate is light fragrance of spice. The addition of the the crunchy roasted hazelnut adds a beautiful texture to the chocolate. 

This bar contains the basic ingredients of a Masala Chai. Light spices with a creamy yet strong texture. 

The combination of a strong tea makes it better than drinking Masala Chai. 

Chocolate and chai
Chocolate and Chai

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