Raw Chocolate with Goji
Raw Chocolate with Goji
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Raw Chocolate with Goji

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35g - small snack sized bars

72% Smooth, silky, melt in your mouth kind of chocolate. Goji Berries bring more antioxidants and a beautiful chewy texture. 

Vegan | Dairy free | Soy Free | Halal

  • Ingredients are organic certified
  • Refined sugar free with a glycemic index of 35, which prevents your blood sugar levels from spiking
  • Vegan, soy free, gluten free and free from nasties

Organic Raw Cacao Nibs, Organic Cacao Butter, Organic Maca Powder, Organic Coconut Sugar. May contain traces of nuts.

When to eat me

This bar is perfect pre/post workout or just to nibble on as a snack when you are avoiding cake! We love to melt the bars down and use them to make brownies, smoothies and breakfast granola. 

Who is this bar for?
Dark chocolate lovers

Is raw chocolate safe for pregnant women?

Cacao can be eaten during pregnancy, however our raw chocolate contains maca, which has not been tested enough for consumption during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, we cannot advise you to eat these chocolates. 

Cacao Origin
The Peruvian Cacao has been kept at very low temperatures with minimal processing to retain as much nutrient content present since the birth of the Cacao Pod. We maintain the low heat and processing during couching and tempering. There is limited facts on whether Raw Cacao is better than roasted Cacao, however we are on a mission to find out the truth. We don't use Raw Cacao for the claimed health benefits, but rather we prefer it raw because of the intense and rich flavours.

7 Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Top Of The Shop with Tom Kerridge

This product was featured on BBC2 Top Of The Shop with Tom Kerridge on the 24th April!

Made in Bristol UK

AS SEEN ON BBC2 - Top Of The Shop With Tom Kerridge