BBC2 – Top Of The Shop With Tom Kerridge


We are soooo excited to FINALLY tell you that our Founder, Wajeeha Husain will be appearing on a brand new TV Series. This new show is all about food, entrepreneurs, passion and living your dream. Basically us in a nutshell.

What’s it about?

The series consists of eight episodes with seven food categories that include cheese, sweets, pickles, meat, chutneys and many more.

In the first seven episodes, four food producers with fledgling businesses come to test out their products on the locals in Malhamdale, in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. They have two days in the shop to promote and sell their wares and battle it out for one place in the final.

When does it start?

Tuesday 17th April 20:00 on BBC2 – get it on series link!Β 

When does your episode air?

We will be competing in the ‘Sweets’ food category with 3 other amazing contestants and this will be aired on 24th April 20:00. Make sure you record our episode. You can also watch on BBC IPlayer.

Series 1 – Episode 3

Can you tell us more about?

You will have to watch and find out how well we do! You can read more about the programme from the links below.

When does Top Of The Shop with Tom Kerridge start and what is the show about?


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