We work the most unique, passionate and crafty bloggers. Each blogger has been hand picked because we love what they do. Join each of their journey as they help to spread the word of Chocolateeha. Each ambassador has their own discount code, which you can use to get money off your order!

CK Goldiing

                       CK GOLDIING                                         

Writer, Presenter & Content Producer

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CK Goldiing attracted mainstream press coverage in 2015 during his remarkable #100Musicians Challenge – a long-form non-scripted format exploring his adventurous spirit and eye for dynamic digital story telling.

Follow CK as he explores the love of dark chocolate in the streets.

halal grubbin

                       HALAL GRUBBIN’                                        

Food Blogger, Critic and creates the most mouth watering food photos!

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After years of searching and constantly being disappointed of regular halal takeaways and restaurants, Halal Grubbin’ came to birth. Halal Grubbin’ is an anonymous food blog which concentrates on the love of halal food. Throughout time it has grown to more than just pleasing the tastebuds. It has become a place of discovering, exploring and sharing new flavours. Including recipes and a sweet love for anything chocolate.

Follow Halal Grubbin’ to see what they get up to with our chocolate!

Fountain Fotos & Hedi Hearts

Fountain Fotos - Chocolateeha Hedi Hearts - Chocolateeha

Besides the fact that they are one of the most attractive power couples I know – they also make a dream team!

Hedi Hearts - Chocolateeha

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Hedi Hearts is created out of love and the desire to rediscover the joy of preparing and eating food while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s time to brush away all of the harsh diets, calorie counting and feelings of starvation, guilt and negative emotions. Let’s bring delicious, savoury, sweet and extraordinary flavour back to our food and life! You can achieve all of your health goals by joining me as I get creative in the kitchen and share delicious wholesome recipes that feed your body, mind and soul. Join me on a journey of good health, positive emotions, natural weight loss, glowing skin and hair, plus an abundance of energy that will last you throughout the entire day!

Watch what Hedi does with my chocolates! Yum!

Fountain Fotos - Chocolateeha

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We specialise in sportsweddingsfood and product, videography and photography as well as family and lifestyle photoshoots. We are based in Essex, but work throughout UK and abroad. We don’t just create films and take photos, we love spending time with our clients to listen to their story and what is important to them, and then tell their story in our films and images.

Watch Mark create amazing photos of our chocolates!

Aneesa Beauty

Aneesa Beauty - Chocolateeha

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A beautiful, inspiring mother of 3 who takes time to appreciate others and also time to talk all girlie things! Aneesa gets down and dirty and talks about all the REAL things that happen being a mum!

Watch Aneesa talk REAL about our chocolates!

HALAL Travel Grams AKA HTG!

Halal Travel Grams - Chocolateeha

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Newlyweds sharing their passion for food and travel with the occasional home recipes to inspire Muslims to eat well whilst travelling around the globe. Their aim? Finding authentic halal versions of local delicacy’s, and providing in depth reviews that identify if there are prayer facilities available.

“Travel brings love and power back to your life” –Rumi, Halal Travelgrams

Watch these guys take our chocolates on a beautiful journey!