Wajeeha Husain – Newcastle Upon Tyne


After completing her degree in Computer Science from Northumbria University, Wajeeha worked for the automotive industry for 8 years gaining experience in Project Management in Sales & Marketing.  Her passion for food and her challenges of eating chocolate everyday and keeping slim drove her to quit her job and start-up Chocolateeha.

Because Chocolate Should Be Eaten Everyday!

As a child Wajeeha wanted to eat chocolate everyday but was not permitted to due to the high risk of diabetes. Chocolate makes people happy and is often referred to as comfort food. It became her mission to change this and create chocolate that can be enjoyed everyday without all the calories.

Our Raw Original Bar is only 180 calories and satisfies all your chocolate cravings in a few bites. We encourage people to eat a few pieces or a whole bar pre/post workout.

Our vision is to encourage as many people to join the dark side as possible. This is the only way to enjoy eating chocolate everyday!

Bean to Bar process

We make chocolate from scratch, from the cocoa bean as this is the only way to ensure chocolate is clean and free from nasties. Each batch is prepared carefully and takes 36 hours! Yes that’s right, 36 hours. This process is what makes our chocolate different and more delicious. So it’s all worth is in the end.

High Quality Ingredients

The secret behind our delicious chocolates lies in the ingredients. We work with the best suppliers who have a close relationship with the cacao plant farmers and not only ensure fair trade but also high quality. We use single origin cacao beans from Peru, Madagascar and West Africa. 

Do people really want to eat “Healthy Chocolate?”

Yes and No! After completing our market research we saw the clear divide of conscious food eaters from the less conscious. 

Our raw chocolate is our customer favourite, but there is still a large chunk of people who find it hard to give up milk chocolate. For this reason we  have a small range of milk (non vegan) chocolate so that we open up our products to a wider audience. We would like to convert them to the dark side eventually as this is the only way to eat chocolate everyday!


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