• Tearing open the postage envelope which landed in my letterbox, I enjoyed a sumptuous Chocolateeha experience. Opening the packaging of the Hazelnut & Cardamom chocolate, I pleasantly appreciated the sight of the chocolate with the exclusive triangles and shimmer dusted on top. Removing the chocolate from the plastic wrapper, I was greeted by the delicious aroma of handmade chocolate and the velvet touch of a delectable made with love. Finally, breaking off a piece, I placed a piece of the mouth-watering triangle into my mouth and I was instantly in heaven with the certainty of the flavours. As the silky texture of the chocolate glides down my throat, I am eager to eat more and try out all the flavours!

  • When this chocolate arrived it looked too good to eat! Beautifully presented. But I am so glad I did eat it as it was sooooooo yummy! Tried to be good and not eat it all within the first few days but I couldn’t resist. Highly recommend