Madagascan Dark Chocolate Infused with Wild Orange





An intense but delicious explosion of Madagascan Dark Chocolate and Wild Orange. This is better than any other Chocolate Orange bar you’ve eaten! This bar is free from refined sugars and dairy, which makes it suitable for Vegans!

The Wild Orange flavour is called Wild for a reason. If you’re into chocolate orange, this bar takes this flavour to a new level. The chocolate is rich, its intense and the zing of the orange comes through when you least expect it to!

This is perfect for Gifts and looks great in pretty boxes.

Or simply just to bite into whilst you’re watching a movie snuggled up on your sofa.

The best thing about this bar, is that you can melt it down, add hot milk/almond milk and indulge in a mug of hot chocolate. YUM!

As always, we added Gold Sparkle to make these bars more magical and festive!

Minimum 65% Cocoa Solids


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