Coffee & Cinnamon Vegan White Chocolate



34% Raw White Chocolate with Ground Coffee and Cinnamon.

All ingredients are organic certified. 35% Minimum Cocoa solids.


Roasted coffee beans ground and mixes with a hint of cinnamon – combined with the sweetness of the white chocolate makes this bar tastes a bit like toffee with a kick.

You’ve recently turned Vegan or have been happily Vegan for a while, but miss milk chocolate. Or maybe you’re a bit sick of dark chocolate, but fancy a sweeter one with lower calories than milk chocolate.

We have made a few milky chocolate bars without all the calories and the milk, just for you!

Trust me once you’ve seen it you will be mesmerised, once you’ve eaten it you will never eat normal white chocolate again!

Rose Gold finish added to all bars 🙂


Additional information


Raw Cacao Butter, Unrefined Cane Sugar, Lucuma, Roasted Ground Coffee, Cinnamon

Nutritional Information (Per 80g Bar)

Energy (132kcal), Protein 0g, Fat 3g, Carbohydrates 27g, of which sugars 22g


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